tArtEx WorkshopsW

ArtEx (Art Experience) is our key workshop program for patients, families and staff which focuses on education, experimentation and expression.

In partnership with professional artists, we developed ArtEx Workshops to provide fun, creative and social opportunities in our Hospital. These creative experiences are delivered in tailored ways to ensure all our kids have access to creative expression. Fostering creative interest and ability, our workshops allow kids to relax and enjoy the process of art making in our Hospital School, on the wards and by their bedside.

Workshops are an inclusive activity for all ages and abilities and provide an opportunity for our kids to share their journeys and understand each other. Creating something special together encourages inclusive collaboration and offers a chance to make new friendships.

Our local artists and staff design and deliver workshops that align with relevant syllabus outcomes that allow for a transfer of skills. Children may learn and participate in a workshop that teaches and encourages painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, creative writing, performance and more!

At the end of each workshop, the children create a piece of art and sometimes these artworks are included in our Seasonal Exhibitions.

If you are a professional artist interested in participating in ArtEx, please email us.

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