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The Art Program is an art in health service at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. Our commitment is to use the arts - in all its forms - to help improve the lives of patients, families, carers and staff.

Working in partnership with the health and the arts sectors, we provide accessible and meaningful opportunities for artistic expression that aid a patient’s physical, mental and emotional recovery.

Our program is free to be enjoyed by all. We transform the Hospital by lining our walls with a permanent collection consisting of over 900 artworks, as well as seasonal exhibitions. These help to create a vibrant, reassuring and colourful place of healing and culture, where children and young adults feel safe and happy.

The program aims to go further by providing our patients and their families with the opportunity for self-expression through artist-led workshops. These weekly workshops connect artists with children in environments tailored to teach, inspire and expose them to new techniques and diverse creative experiences. The workshops play an important role in promoting social interaction between children, encouraging conversation and normalising their differing journeys.

Accessibility is fundamental to the program, and each child is given the opportunity to participate in the Hospital School or by their bedside if needed.


Paintings, sculptures, prints, photography and more, generously donated to our Hospital.


A seasonal exhibition program transforming our corridors every 3 months.


Artist-led experiences offered to our patients and their families.


To complement the redevelopment of the Randwick campus in the 1990’s, a Public Arts Plan was produced encouraging creative engagement and accessibility with patients, families, staff and the wider community. When Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick officially opened under that name in 1998, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Art Committee was formed to provide specialty art services for the Hospital. From 2001, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation took responsibility for the management and funding of the program – a relationship that continues today.

You can help us bring creative expression and its healing benefits to everyone in our Hospital by donating today.

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