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The end of 2019 marked an extremely special 10-year milestone for one of the Foundation’s signature fundraising events, sunSCHine, which was held at the Four Seasons on Friday 25 October 2019.

For the past 10 years, sunSCHine has raised over $5.6 million to support the areas most in need - from Palliative Care and the Child Protection Unit, to funding the latest equipment and technologies which have helped keep Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick at the forefront of paediatric healthcare.

“sunSCHine 2019 raised an extraordinary $1.1 million thanks to an evening of overwhelming generosity, compassion and a true desire to support sick kids”

Funds from sunSCHine helped purchase some of the very latest equipment which the Hospital was in urgent need of - Vital Signs Monitors. These state-of-the-art monitors are an essential tool enabling clinicians to provide the best possible care for the sickest children. The information they collect can help make life-saving decisions in an instant.

This specific piece of equipment is something 16-yearold Tia knows all too well. Just two days shy of her 15th birthday, Tia suffered a severe brain injury.

In need of specialist life-saving surgery, Tia was airlifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, with a team of medical staff by her side. Her parents, Maria and Tasi, jumped in the car for the drive to Sydney to meet their little girl who was being prepped for surgery.

They soon found out that Tia had suffered a stage five brain injury caused by an Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which she was born with. Not long after her surgery, Tia also suffered a stroke, losing all movement and feeling down the right side of her body.

Tia had a very long road to recovery, but her parents and doctors knew she had the determination to fight back and the perfect support team to get her back on her feet.

Requiring intensive rehabilitation, Tia made fantastic progress and overcame every challenge thrown her way.

After nine months, Tia was finally discharged and was able to go home and get used to life outside of hospital. She’s now back at school full time but still requires up to four therapy rehab sessions a week to continue improvement on her movement, function and memory.

“Stasi and I have been in most parts of the Hospital and have seen the difference sunSCHine has made. The support has made such a difference to children, like my daughter Tia, as well as many other families. sunSCHine has helped provide equipment, smart operating theatres, supported further training of specialists and invested in research. That gives parents like me reassurance.” - Maria, Tia’s Mum

The Foundation is incredibly grateful for the remarkable kindness shown by the sunSCHine family, particularly our generous partners and fantastic and driven committee and ambassadors. The impact that sunSCHine has made is immediate, but its legacy will last a lifetime.

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