We're in this together

9 January 2020

Photo Credit: Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images

In times of crisis Australians band together. At Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, we see this amongst our fundraisers, donors, board members, hospital staff, families and patients from all around NSW, who come together to help sick kids. It’s a generosity of spirit and the best of humanity, and something we are lucky to see every single day.

With bushfires raging throughout Australia, with an unprecedented ferocity, we know many of our supporters and our community are currently doing it tough. Whether their homes or livelihoods are at risk or whether their children are struggling to breathe, they are frightened and exhausted in uncertain times.

As a Foundation, we are moved by the courage and strength from emergency services, volunteers, charities, community groups and residents as they attempt to fight these fires, saving lives, homes and wildlife. Again, we see the best of humanity in the worst of times.

In the New Year, if you can, please support our community who are currently facing devastating loss by helping those on the front line. Consider donating to the NSW Rural Fire Service here.

Thanks to our supporters, the Foundation has funded innovative research, the best care and latest equipment, helping sick kids all across NSW and beyond. The need to find cures and battle children’s illness remains and we’ll continue to need your generous support now and into the future. 

But for the moment, let’s turn our attention to our supporters and the wider community who need a helping hand, reminding them they are not alone and giving them hope for the future.

Thank you.

Nicola Stokes

Chief Executive Officer