Kids get crafty with the Art Program's new zine

22 April 2020

When times are tough… we get creative!

The Art Program has found a new and exciting way to care for sick kids from a distance, with the creation of their own Zine. The limited-edition activity book will help keep sick kids entertained and inspired throughout social isolation.

With new visitor restrictions in place at the Hospital, it’s now that little bit harder to stay connected. Although difficult, the Art Program has used this time apart as an opportunity to brainstorm new and exciting activities for sick kids to enjoy.

The result is simply genius- a Zine jam-packed with fun. The first edition featured a sneak-peek into Eggpicnic’s striking designs and a variety of ‘Australian fauna’ themed activities including; a kid-friendly word search, colouring-in and step-by-step instructions on how to make your own zine. 

Finally, after weeks of hard work and dedication, the zines have been delivered and are now in the safe hands of readers. According to Child Life Therapist’s, the kids (and a few cheeky staff) are loving them. 

 The next edition of the Art Program’s Zine is coming soon. Watch this space!

  • Flick through the Zine and have fun getting creative with your kids!