The Kids Brains Trust

By Stephen Lacey

The Kids Brains Trust

I've set up this fundraising page to support the Neurology Department at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 

The amazing staff of the Neurology Department at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick have given my daughter back her life. The Kids Brains Trust is an opportunity to give something back to them, while helping other children and families.

When the radiologist discovered the unusually large brain tumour on the back of Daisy’s brain, our world fell apart. Initially, the neurologists feared the worst…it looked like a bad one.

The next day, our five-year-old underwent a six-hour operation at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick where the lesion was successfully removed by Dr Saaed Kohn. However, we had to wait 10 long days to confirm that the tumour was benign. No chemotherapy, no radiology.

That was the happiest day of my life.

Unfortunately, because of the tumour’s location in the cerebellum, Daisy was left with a severe case of Posterior Fossa Syndrome. This meant she was unable to walk, talk, or even feed herself.

Thankfully, the syndrome is slowly resolving. After two months of silence, Daisy’s first words were: I love you.

Paediatric Neurology needs vital funding to continue to deliver the best possible medical care for every child who requires treatment.

Brain tumours can affect any children at any time; even newborns. But, it’s not all bad news.

Many children such as Daisy survive brain tumours and other neurological conditions to live long, happy lives. Your donation will play a vital part in increasing the chances of that survival.

Thank you to my Supporters


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Georgi Bates

Daisy what a little champ! Inspirational and thank you for sharing x


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Best of luck with it Stephen, well done mate. Jason


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Great job on the fundraising Stephen & best of luck with everything.


Stephen James Lacey


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Ollie Hutchens (aps)

Wishing you the best Daisy. Love from Ollie from APS


Maria Ventanilla

I have lost my only child 20 months ago from a rare disease and I truly feel the pain I am thinking of you Daisy and your family I am praying for your full recovery much love and God bless


Natasha Leist

Great cause! So glad Daisy is getting better. Hugs from Andy in KG :)


Snowden Jones


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All the best


Geordie Dixon


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From a fellow school mate at APS - looking forward to seeing Daisy with her friends at Showcase tonight!


David Seto

Appreciation Event from Dr. Seto's Office, Wu-Wei Osteopathy and Acupuncture


Priscilla Schonell

For Daisy and all the other kids who rely upon amazing doctors like my dad - Robert Ouvrier.


Brad Pillinger


Harriet France


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Gary Peer And Associates


Cheryl Feigen

It’s been an honour and pleasure to have Daisy Lacey and her family in our lives. Of course including Dexter. We wish Daisy all the best as she continues to gain full health.


Henry Lacey

Go Daisy Boo!


Liz Martin


Sam Goddard


Marianne Lacey


Daisy Lacey


Bin, Sarah, Eddie And Panda

Dear Stephen, We hope Daisy recovers quickly. best Bin Sarah Eddie Panda PS: Panda wants to say an extra special hello to Dexter!


Michelle Cohn

Daisy is such a little trooper! What a tough year for the whole family. Great cause for a donation! Good luck!


Catherine Cooper

Juno sends her love Daisy!


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Lots of love to you all x


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Wishing Daisy and you all well.


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Stephen Lacey

Go Daisy!!


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Mr poo poo party loves Daisy!