Scotty B Teaches The World's Longest Guitar Lesson

By Scotty Burford

I'm holding an event to raise funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick!

Why do this?

I’ve been privileged to play for the kids and families staying in Ronald McDonald House. It is humbling, challenging, and also enriching to see people touched by music when they are facing big challenges and need a lot of love and support from everyone. 

Music is an incredible tool for social change, and for good, amongst many other things. It is my hope that by doing this, we will raise money for the incredible work of the Sydney Children’s Hospital, show some love and care to those kids and families who need it with what they are facing, and also spread some love and kindness amongst the community by getting more people into the greatest instrument of all, or helping them go further with it, and get even more enjoyment from this in their lives. 

I’ve stolen a lyric from Directions In Groove that I’ve made my mantra: “Invest in a future by investing in each other”. We all need each other, and that’s what life is about. 

I also hope to help promote Glenn and Jo Murray’s “Bands For Kids” night, to be held the week before at Club Heathcote. This is raising money for the same purpose. 

Thank you to my Supporters


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You are such a kind and generous person. You are amazing,