The Bald Bronte Fundraiser!

By Sarah Burke


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much to everyone who sponsored me! I’m so happy I finally got to help sick kids and I can’t wait to do it again once my hair grows back :)

I'm raising funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick!

For nearly two years I have been wanting to shave my head to raise money for sick kids. I’m finally going to do it on the 18th of July and I would love it if you could sponsor me. I’m very excited!

The money will go to Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and I am going to donate my hair to Sustainable Salons. Here is a bit of information about these organisations:

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is one of Australia's leading specialist medical centres for children, offering a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. The Hospital's expert medical staff care for more than 69,000 critically ill and injured children every year.

Sustainable Salons collects ponytails and distributes them to charitable organisations and local wig-makers where they can become wigs for those suffering from medically-induced hair-loss conditions such as Alopecia and cancer, or help fund other life-changing programs.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Supporters


Robert And Carol Mcfadden

We are so proud of you lovely girl what a great thing you’re doing


Ben & Laura

We’re super proud of you! Wonderful act for a wonderful cause x


Cathy, Sonja And Dawne


Kirsren Adnum

Well done Bronte. Such a beautiful girl kx


Karen Ma

A young girl with such a big heart, bravo! 👍🏼👍🏼


Vanessa Chipps


Alex Palermo

Hey Bronte, your Aunty Liz posted pics of your extraordinary and courageous act of kindness shaving your hair off for Sydney Children’s Hospital. It made awareness all the way from London.


Diane Fawcett

Excellent cause. Well done Bronte.


Dat Phan


Mitch Squires


Emma Mcbride


Kathy Burke


Nicole Henness /nicole Lulu

Bronte rocks the bald look!! Lucky girl! She has done so well with her fundraising! Nicky


Kellie Clarke

Amazing work Bronte!


Anthony Burke


Darby Purnell

Great work Bronte. You are totally awesome and beautiful. Love the Purnells.


Crystal Li

Bronte, feeling so proud of you! It is your heart and not your hair makes you beautiful! Always love you!


Dennis Brown

Awesome, so good!! Congratulations Bronte on raising money for such a great cause.


Grandma And Steve

You’re a champion!


Cousins Ollie & Lily Burke

Great cause Bronte, thank you for such an amazing effort!


Jannine Brookes

Well done!


Liz, Mark & James

Go Bronte!!!



Go Bronte!!


Amanda Mahony

You are an inspiration Bronte! Beautiful girl xx


Karen Carroll

Wow what a beautiful young lady Bronte is. You must be a proud mumma bear Sarah xo


Wendy Piper

Well done Bronte. A great cause.


Liz & Matt Slade


Mj Park

You are such a brave girl I ever seen! I thank YOU Bronte♡♡♡ Jiho is proud of you too!


Meg, Matt, Sam & Stella Wrixon

Well done Bronte! What an incredible gesture to those less fortunate. Btw, you look fabulous as Bald Bronte!!


Helena Bolle

I admire you Bronte!


Fiona Gale

Excellent job!


Jan Mullan

Well done! A very generous young lady!


Danielle Willis

I don't know you Bronte but I'm glad that there are children like you in the world who are selfless and brave for others


Katie Gaffney

Great cause Bronte, they’re brilliant at fixing burnt feet 🦶 there xx


Annabelle Zheng

Well done Bronte!


Brad Newton


Melissa Cairn

Well done Bronte. You are awesome and so is your Mum and brother.


Sarah Burke



Bronte, you are such a brave girl. Your grandma and all her friends are very proud of you. (I'm a friend of Sue).


Anne Parfett

I hope you reach your target. Go girl! 👍


Ashmita Dixit

Congratulations Bronte ! Proud of you 👍 🥳


Jaynie Halliburton

Great job Bronte 🤩


Agnes (bronte’s Gymnastics Teacher)


Ronnie Palazzi

Way to go Bronte. Kids like you are needed more in this world. You are a gem sweetheart



What an excellent effort Bronte.