Dilon Kyrie's First Birthday

By Kim Gorrero

Help Dilon celebrate his first birthday!!

Hello all

Dilon is celebrating his first birthday and instead of gifts we're asking for donations to Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation helps the following organisations:

Kids Research

KidsResearch is committed to better understanding the diseases of childhood and to discover innovative ways to help children in need.

Bear Cottage

BearCottage is the only children’s hospice in NSW providing 24 hours of care everyday to children with life-limiting conditions.


NETSprovides Statewide clinical advice, emergency treatment and inter-hospital transport for babies and children up to 16 years.

SydneyChildren's Hospital, Randwick

SydneyChildren’s Hospital, Randwick cares for more than 72,000 children every year.

TheChildren's Hospital at Westmead

TheChildren’s Hospital at Westmead cares for more than 87,000 children every year.

As you all know Dilon's first few months on earth side was a little traumatic to say the least. There was the slightest moment where we didn't think we'd be here to celebrate his first birthday! But our littlest love is such a brave, strong, determined fighter and he got through it!!!!! 

We can not thank enough all the unbelievable amazing paediatricians, doctors, nurses and specialists for the medical help Dilon received from them also the support and guidance our family received while in their care. 

We'd love your help to support them. 

Thank you!

Thank you to my Supporters



Happy first birthday our little love bug. Love always Mum, dad and big bro ♥️



Happy 1st birthday Dilon Love uncle hoa


Sandra Huynh

Well done Dilon I am so proud of you. Love Aunty Sandra