Francesca's Mermaid Beach party

By Julie Jensen

Help me celebrate my birthday with a gift to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

I'm celebrating my birthday and instead of gifts this year I'm asking for donations to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. 

Not only is Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick our local hospital, it's also one of Australia's leading specialist medical centres for children.  The Hospital's expert medical staff care for more than 69,000 critically ill and injured children every year.

All donations will be going specifically towards children's Leukemia research as this past year my cousin in California was diagnosed with it.  Next month, he will be undergoing a cutting edge treatment that was developed here in Australia!  I thought supporting research like this is helpful to children in our area and all over the world.

I’d love your help to support. Thank you!

Thank you to my Supporters


Natalie Brock


Freja See

Happy birthday


Vanessa Beckett

What a beautiful idea, lovely xx


Beth Tutty

Happy Birthday Francessca


Sophie Nash


Alexander Jacques

Happy birthday Francesca!