September – November 2021

The Art Program is working with the Hospital to deliver creative exhibitions for the benefit of our current patients, families and staff. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions put in place to manage COVID-19, we are unable to invite families and guests to the Hospital to view these displays.

However, many of our exhibitions will be available to view online.

The third rotation of exhibitions for 2021 will see five incredible displays fill the corridors of the Hospital from September to November 2021.

Many of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale donated to the Foundation. If you would like to purchase one of these incredible pieces, please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 244 537 or email info@schf.org.au.

About the art exhibitions


Rachel Carroll

Bloom, the title, has a connection to both nature and music. The bloom of a new flower talks of growth and seasonal change. However, you can also have a bloom in Music; a full bright sound in a recording. Although I am not recording the sound of nature, I feel a record in paint has been made in these artworks, through mark and colour and movement. I often listen to music when I paint, and I often see nature as a dance. 

Image Credit: Blossoms II (2021) Rachel Carroll

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Hybrid Ground

Pat Younis in collaboration with patients at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Curated by Sarah Rose

Existing at the intersections of alternate realities and speculative spaces is ‘Hybrid Ground’, an interactive exhibition featuring recent works by media artist Pat Younis, including works made in collaboration with Sydney Children Hospital’s paediatric patients and their siblings. The overlay of Augmented Reality (AR) technology rouses participatory spectatorship, escape and agency for play.

Image Credit: Pat Younis, Sweet Conversation, 2021, mixed reality installation [production still], dimensions variable. Made in collaboration with patients at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

Light as a Feather

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Fine art photographer, Angela Robertson-Buchanan, has always been fascinated with feathers. Light as a Feather explores the science of feathers - how they get their colour, the marvel of flight, their uniqueness, the different types of feathers on a bird and the roles they play. Each feather has been photographed using a macro lens, to show its intricate details that are normally invisible to the naked eye.

Image: Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Tail Feather (2019) Angela Robertson-Buchanan


Nick Baldas in collaboration with patients at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

TODAY/TOMORROW explores the personal identity of the children found within Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. The exhibition allows the child to see themselves in hospital ‘TODAY’ via a black and white portrait photography. It then gives them an opportunity to design their own portrait based on this photograph and create an image of themselves for ‘TOMORROW’ in full colour. By allowing the child to control their identity via the artwork the child manifests their hopes and aspirations for TOMORROW.

Image Credit: Self Portrait (2021) Andre, 14 years old

Photo Postal Pal Project

Members of the ChIPS Program (Chronic Illness Peer Support)

The Chronic Illness Peer Support program (ChIPS) is a Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network initiative that provides peer support to young people aged 12-25 who are living with a chronic illness. This program is a wonderful opportunity for patients and siblings to connect, make friends and find support through their shared experiences.

The Photo Postal Pal Project sought to help members stay connected during COVID-19, while also building a supportive community. Over 12 months, participants were gifted disposable cameras which they used to capture a picture and pass on to the next member of the group. Accompanied with each camera was a letter from the sender, sharing their feelings and experiences of 2020.

Together, these images and letters formed a photographic body of work that was digitally enhanced with animation and soundscapes.

Image Credit: ChIPS (2021) Cooper

About the Art Program

The Art Program uses the visual arts in all forms to transform Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick into a place of wonder and respite, creating dialogues between artists and patients. Through the Collection and Exhibition Program, the Art Program also provides opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

Many of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale going to support the Foundation. For more information about purchasing artworks please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 244 537 or email info@schf.org.au.