September – November 2020

The Art Program is working with the Hospital to deliver creative exhibitions for the benefit of our current patients, families and staff. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions put in place to manage COVID-19, we are unable to invite families and guests to the Hospital to view these displays.

However, many of our exhibitions will be available to view online.

The third rotation of exhibitions for 2020 will see four incredible displays fill the corridors of the Hospital from September to November 2020.

Many of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale donated to the Foundation. If you would like to purchase one of these incredible pieces, please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 244 537 or email info@schf.org.au.

About the art exhibitions

Animal Dream Lands

Having spent time in Hospital as a child and being an environmentalist, Sydney based illustrator Vanessa Wright has explored how dreams can transport sick children and endangered animals to their favourite places. For a sick child this could be spending time with family at home, or for an endangered animal, acres of lush and abundant habitat. “Animal Dream Lands” also features poems by poems by Katie Manekshaw.

Image: Tiger (2020) Vanessa Wright

Small World

Craig Heslop has used specialised microscopic lenses to photograph insects from around the world. Each image reveals hidden details and colours that can’t be seen by the human eye alone. The display will also feature artworks made by patients who have produced their own beetle artworks, inspired by Heslop’s work. The display will inspire curiosity and challenges the audience to reconsider how we see the smaller, seemingly insignificant species in our own habitat.

Image: Common Australian Fly (2020) Craig Heslop

Feather Flash

Mellissa Read-Devine’s work captures the humour and delight she feels when watching birds in their habitat. Channelling a vibrant pallet full of optimism and harmony, each piece celebrates shape, colour and the brushstrokes of contemporary impressionism. A visually spectacular exhibition that invites the viewer to search for empathy with the natural landscape.

Image: The Happiest Wish (2019) Mellissa Read-Devine

Fruit Party

Fruit Party features a large-scale piece from Sydney based creative Jeff McCann which is a playful expression of his queer identity, and his love for summer. This feast for the eyes is reminiscent of all things ‘fruity’, and speaks of times spent having picnics in the park, hanging out with friends and going for swims in the beach. This display also features large scale cardboard works produced in response to this piece by patients from Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Image: Fruit Party (2020) Jeff McCann


Eggpicnic is a Sydney-based design studio devoted to wildlife conservation. The unique partnership produces illustrations depicting Australian birds and animals, using simple lines and shapes to create characters that tread a fine line between art and design. The exhibition would feature a wide range of Australian birds in flight - from the Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo, our local gentle giant, whose behaviours are still a mystery for scientists to the Regent Honeyeater: a bird so lonely it’s forgotten its own song.

Image: Superb Fairy Wrens and Wattle (2019) Eggpicnic

About the Art Program

The Art Program uses the visual arts in all forms to transform Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick into a place of wonder and respite, creating dialogues between artists and patients. Through the Collection and Exhibition Program, the Art Program also provides opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

Many of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale going to support the Foundation. For more information about purchasing artworks please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 244 537 or email info@schf.org.au.