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Could provide materials for a
pop-up art workshop at the Hospital bedside.
Could fund nebulisers which are used to deliver medication directly to the lungs for children with conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis.
Could provide a Child Life Therapy play or music session for one child or a small group.
I'd like to help by donating a little bit more towards the costs of fundraising.

Sick kids need you more than ever. Please donate today!

Your donation to our 2020 Gold Telethon Appeal ensures we can continue to provide the latest equipment, vital services and the very best care to the kids in Hospital doing it tough. Not only are they facing serious illness, but Coronavirus has added more stress, disruption and loneliness to the lives of these families.

If possible, please donate to our 2020 Gold Telethon Appeal. You’ll be giving sick children, like twins Jasmine and Jacinta, a chance to live their best lives by funding vital services like:

  • Research and clinical trials in areas like the Kids Cancer Centre, giving hope to children when all other treatments have failed.
  • Art Experience workshops around the Hospital and at the bedside, so children can be kids first and patients second.
  • Up-to-date equipment for a world-class hospital, from essential life support machines for critically ill children to surgical equipment.

Show sick kids they can still count on your kindness.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick cares for more than 72,000 children a year. Let’s show that this caring community is here to help them, no matter what the challenge.

Please give what you can in these uncertain times. Even a smaller donation helps sick kids get better.