Featuring: ‘High’ (single) – Genres: Alternative Pop

Hattie Oates is one to watch. Her exquisite groove and tone is reminiscent of Nora Jones and Amy Winehouse. Her songs are unique and personal with a soul way beyond her years.

Based in Tamworth Australia, Hattie found her dedication and love for music at just 10 years old. This passionate singer-songwriter paved her musical path when she taught herself to play guitar while watching her older brother. A short time later she discovered a love for singing; the rest is history.

Gifted with a musical ear Hattie has an amazing ability to flip cover songs on their head to re-create and make her own. Often barefoot on the stage, strapped with either her acoustic guitar or her bright blue Gretsch, singing Whitney Houston on the keyboard or looping down a bit of Tash Sultana, Hattie is entertains a crowd of any age.

Hattie's musical path crosses many genres, including jazz, blues, soul, folk and indie pop. “It’s hard to pinpoint my music style,” says Oates, “The best way I can describe it, is as if Amy Winehouse, Adele and Missy Higgins had a baby...then that would be me!”

The last 12 months has seen Hattie release her debut single ‘She’s All Yours’, generating rave reviews from both industry and media, closely followed by the release of four carefully selected songs with her self-titled four track EP HATTIE, that further generated attention of the national radio airways, triple j and triple j Unearthed.