Light as a Feather

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Hi, I’m Angela Robertson-Buchanan, known professionally as “the Bird Photographer”.

I’m an award winning nature photographer, published children’s author and wildlife carer specialising in birds. I am originally from the UK, and after I moved to Sydney, I completely fell in love with Australia’s unique bird life. Since then I’ve steered my photography towards conservation, flora and fauna and strived to give a voice to our precious wildlife.

I have always been fascinated with feathers and addicted to macro photography. It only seemed natural to use a specialised lens to artistically show-off the beauty, patterns and colours of feathers.

This exhibition explores the science of feathers; how they get their colour, the marvel of flight, their uniqueness and the different types of feathers on a bird and the roles they play.

I hope you marvel at these wonderful structures and the next time you see a bird, you begin to admire their stunning plumage and be in awe of their flight.

Birds really are marvellous and its been through my wildlife rescue work I have really focussed on their plight. Combining my interests in wildlife and photography I can create images, projects and exhibitions that convey a conservation message. The aim of my wildlife children’s books is to inspire the next generation of wildlife warriors!

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