Rachel Carroll
September - December 2021

Bloom, the title, is a connection between nature and music. The bloom of a new flower talks of growth and the seasons but you can also have a bloom in Music, which is a full bright sound in a recording.

Although I am not recording the sound of nature; I feel a record in paint has been made in these artworks. My work is expressionistic, which means I wish to bestow a sense of energy into each artwork and I often simplify the details, so the focus becomes the visible marks and colour and movement. I often listen to music when I paint and I often see nature as a dance.

About the artist
Rachel Carroll is a professional artist, curator and teacher whose artwork is created to connect people with nature. Carroll views their work as a chance to remind us of what can be found outside our window or front door. Hoping that this reminder will cause people to take notice of nature when they do go outside. Hoping that if we notice nature more, we may do more to protect it.

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